sub-BROKER Network

Sub-Broker Network

Enjoy these benefits by being a TUCOE Sub-Broker

We work with all suppliers in the UK and will recommend the appropriate one depending on the business you are conducting. Click here to see our suppliers. 

We have an exceptional processing team who will notify the previous supplier of the change of tenant so the site can be released. We are very efficient at managing the whole process for you.

Our robust supplier list allows us to support your effort no matter whether it is a first time customer acquisition, a renewal of an existing customer or a new business moving into a new commercial premesis.

We typically pay you 7-10 days after a site goes live, we issue commission statements every Friday. By the time you’ve read that statement, your bank account will be a bit healthier.
Most business types are accepted however very small low value sites may not make the cut. The best way to check is to contact us.
Our best CoT suppliers show your site incoming in 24-72 hours with most being closer to 24 hours.
Our processing team will prepare all the relevant documentation and notify both the old and new supplier of the change of tenant. We also can assist with your verbal recordings if you need that level of service assistance.
Our processing team is exceptional at getting your sites live. We know how to work with all the suppliers and can improve your live rate with our expertise.
We will update you weekly on the progress of all business submitted via TUCOE. We take a more human approach and are always happy to hear from you.