Electric & Gas

TUCOE works with all suppliers in the UK, our goal is to (where prices allow) provide our customers with 100% green energy and ideally UK sourced green energy.

There are around 60 suppliers in the UK all of which have unique offerings and different prices. We assess your needs on a case by case basis and match your business with the supplier who is right for you.

Typically we would ask you to sign a letter of authority that would give TUCOE the power to do all of the heavy lifting on your behalf so that you do not need to waste your time doing what we can do for you.

We will scour the market for the best options available based on your preferences and return to you with the leading offers from UK suppliers. Typically the longer the term you choose, the more security you have against market price fluctuations.

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TUCOE can save English and Scottish businesses on their water bills. It’s a relatively quick process which can be wrapped up the same day.

We will review your premises for potential savings (we can do this online), advise you of the savings available (this is usually at least 5%) and provide you with the paperwork to sign.

After that we can take care of the rest. Your water will taste the same but will be cheaper.

Telecoms and Internet

We can enable your business by providing you with reliable phone services and fibre/high speed internet, depending on your location.

Our telephone service options include free calls to UK landlines and mobiles, reduced overseas calls prices and if you need additional lines installed (business and personal for example) we can do this too.

As for internet, depending on your location we can provide you with fast broadband or even faster fibre internet.

We try to ensure our prices, via our suppliers, are the most competitive around so it’s rare that we’ll be beaten on prices. If we are, we’ll do our best to match or beat them.


TUCOE has access to a wide range of insurance products through our partners from the employer’s liability to public liability insurance to business interruption insurance and much more on top of this.

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Intelligent Building Solutions

Via our ally IM&M we can introduce you to the pinnacle in intelligent building solutions designed to save the planet one building at a time.


Inspired by years of consulting in Business IT, they have created ‘IM&M Suite’ – a powerful suite of software tools to solve recurrent and common problems in business. As you would expect from our leading-edge technologies they are fully compliant with current data security trends and demands.

This suite solves recurrent and common business problems Click here to download our Intelligent Buildings Solutions brochure.

Many businesses as they grow lose track of what they have, where it is being used how it is being used. The IM&M Suite brings that power back into your hand.

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