Energy Strategy

Here at TUCOE, we deal with businesses of all sizes whether they be micro. small, medium, large or I&C.

The larger the business the more the focus shifts from a pure price reduction exercise to a carefully considered strategic approach.

An example of this is that electricity is cheaper at night often by up to 60%. In some cases this can open us a feasibility study on how viable it is to move some operational activity to that time period and reduce overheads further. 

Obviously this isn’t feasible for all businesses. Where this is not a feasible option that are other strategies we can employ to further reduce energy expenditure.  

In terms of the benefits of reducing your energy costs, a 25% reduction in energy costs is equivalent to a 5% increase in sales (source: CarbonTrust).

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Energy Management

It is very likely that you do care about your energy overheads but also how efficient your organisation is in terms of wastefulness and carbon commitment.
We have layers of systems both from TUCOE and our allies that will make a dramatic and positive impact on your energy strategy and will likely be a positive learning experience for all involved.
Smart Building

Smarter Buildings

Make no mistake about it, smart buildings are the way forwards.

Buildings are being designed and constructed with the ability to be configured and managed from a single workstation and receive data from every corner of every floor.

If your building was not designed this way there are ways to smarten up your space regardless.

After all, it is only with the aid of smart solutions that we can make more informed decisions.

Carbon Goals

With a 2050 goal firmly in place it is important that we all work together to make our country and our world a cleaner place for ourselves and those who come after us.
We need to make a difference and not leave these problems to be addressed by our successors.

TUCOE's commitment to you

Our goal by working with you is to do the following:

We will devise a viable energy strategy that will bring your overheads down but to also ensure your energy is verifiably clean and from renewable sources namely not covered up by certificates.

We will ensure that your business post-supply is as efficient and carbon friendly as it possibly can be both through action and recommendations.

We will share our enthusiam for excellence, energy and the environment with you and together we will make a difference.