Code of Practice

Code of Practice:

Although TUCOE are not an energy supplier and are not regulated by Ofgem, we highly pride ourselves in adhering to Ofgem’s TPI code of practice.

When making a complaint to The Utility Centre of Excellence, we will ensure that:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Accuracy
  • Transparency
  • Customer Focus
  • Professionalism

Complaints Policy:


TUCOE (The Utility Centre of Excellence) is committed to providing a quality, transparent service, working in an open and accountable way to ensure that we build and maintain the respect and trust of our valued suppliers, partner’s customers and staff complaints process.

We continually review our systems, policies and procedures across all areas to help to enable us to consistently improve our service and offerings. One of the ways we make this possible is by listening and responding to the views of our Suppliers, partners, customers and staff.
We firmly believe that putting mistakes right and responding positively to complaints is a vital part of our growth and development as a company, and so at TUCOE (The Utility Centre of Excellence) we take complaints very seriously.

When making a complaint to The Utility Centre of Excellence, we will ensure that:

Making a complaint is as easy as possible;

Any and all complaints are taken seriously and responded to immediately and appropriately;

All complaints are dealt with promptly and professionally and treated confidentially;

Our response to your complaint will include an explanation, information regarding any action taken and a sincere apology where we have made mistakes or got things wrong;

Your complaint and any feedback will be used as a tool for improving our services, educating and providing further training to staff and will influence the annual review of TUCOE’s complaints policies and procedures.

We recognise that many concerns or complaints about TUCOE will be raised informally and dealt with quickly, often immediately.

We aim to ensure that all informal TUCOE complaints are:

Resolved quickly;

Dealt with in a discreet manner;

Facilitate mediation between the complaint and the individual to whom the complaint has been referred, if necessary.

In most cases, an informal approach is wholly appropriate for managing and dealing with informal complaints, with all parties satisfied with the outcomes. However, if concerns cannot be resolved in an informal manner, we will refer all complaints to TUCOE Ltd formal complaints procedure.

Definition: TUCOE Ltd defines a complaint as ‘any expression of dissatisfaction with TUCOE, with a member of staff, or with any of our suppliers / partners that requires a formal response’.

Purpose: TUCOE Ltd formal complaints procedure is intended to ensure that all complaints are satisfactorily resolved and handled in a manner that is fair, consistent and transparent.

TUCOE Ltd will take responsibility for:

Acknowledging a formal complaint in writing;

Responding to a formal complaint within a specified period of time;

Dealing with the complaint with professionalism and sensitivity;

Taking action towards a resolution, where appropriate.

It is the complainant’s responsibility to:

Bring their complaint to the attention of TUCOE Ltd within eight weeks of the issue arising, in writing;

Raise concerns directly with TUCOE Ltd to ensure that a resolution can be reached and the issue can be thoroughly investigated, where appropriate. Complaints about TUCOE Ltd directed to third parties, including unofficial websites, forums or discussion boards will not be responded to;

Explain the problem as clearly and in as much detail as possible, including any action taken, conversations held, dates, times and names, if possible;

Allow TUCOE Ltd a responsible time to process and deal with the complaint;

Recognize that some circumstances may be beyond TUCOE Ltd control and work with TUCOE to inform third parties of any matters arising.

Confidentiality: Every effort will be made to ensure that complaints received by TUCOE Ltd remain confidential. In the exceptional circumstances where this may not be possible, the situation will be fully outlined to the complainant. This will depend entirely on the nature of the complaint and each complaint will therefore be judged on an individual basis.

Below is our complaints procedure

Step 1
Please send an email to [email protected]  with as much detail in relation to your dissatisfaction, including the outcome you are seeking. Please let us know your preferred method of future contact, and details.

Step 2
A member of our resolution team will then review your case as well as any available evidence. We aim to respond to you within five working days, including our proposed resolution. Note we may need to liaise with energy suppliers, independent brokerages, or internally to address your concerns, so complex complaints may take longer to investigate.

Step 3

Our resolution team will generally be able to either resolve your complaint or advise of our position following a review of your written concern. If you are unhappy with the proposed resolution you can then escalate your case to TUCOE’s Managing Director by emailing [email protected] providing the complaints reference number that was given to you by the resolution team in their written response.

Alternatively you can write to us :
FAO Managing Director
Unit 4 – Metropolitan Business Park

Step 4
Our Managing Director will review your case and provide you with a response which sets out our final position and any resolution available.

If you require – Free, impartial and independent advice, you can contact your local Citizens Advice or visit the Citizens Advice consumer website