About Us



TUCOE – The Utility Centre of Excellence – was formed in 2017 with an initial, simple and sincere objective – to provide customers with the best possible prices on their energy deals.

This goal was born out of the founder having poor experiences in the energy and utilities sector. It is not uncommon for a business to catalyse as a reaction to identifying a gap in a sector or a need to improve how services are delivered. There is a long history of this globally.


TUCOE is a customer orientated business with the simple goal of ensuring businesses and individuals are not overpaying for their energy.

Most energy customers never change their suppliers and are unaware of the massive savings available. Our last 500 small business customers of 2019 saved over £3m on their energy bills compared to what they might have been paying.


The Utility Centre of Excellence (TUCOE) specialise in securing the most competitive Gas & Electricity rates for business customers. Our experienced team can assist you when your current energy contract is ready for renewal, or if you have just moved into a new commercial property.


The most competitive energy deal comes from speaking with you in detail, learning about your peak usage windows across the locations you manage and factoring in all the variables to bring you the very best prices and the long term security you are looking for.  
Obviously achieving this is a complicated affair but it all begins with a simple conversation. Contact us today to learn more.